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Sunday, June 21, 2009

When lightening strikes …

homebound 005

This is the 4th custom home in our general area (5 mile radius) that has been destroyed by lightening (that I know of) in the past two years. Two years ago, during the first week of June, two homes got hit by lightening during the same 1/2 hour storm and they burnt to the ground. Last week when we had a storm we heard of a home that got hit and also destroyed. We did not even know that the next street over, this neighbor was also hit by lightening in that same storm. This is the result of that lightening strike. It scares me terribly. Coming from California in a populated area, we didn’t hear of homes getting struck by lightening. Transformers were hit, but not homes. We didn’t have many lightening storms for that fact. But here in Texas, every spring and even summer, there are NASTY storms, and all I can do is sit and pray during them. I am like a dog curled up in a corner under the bed when we have lightening storms. And here is proof why I am scared. If anyone knows anything about protecting your home (lightening rods or such) please let me know. I am not sure if the rods attract the lightening or not. I had overheard that this home had a weathervane on their roof ~ was it part of the problem, or just bad luck? So sad.

I hate to leave on a sad note ….. there are too many things to be grateful for and too much beauty around, so I want to share with you my view when I was driving home from work last night! homebound 004

This is around 8 pm as the sun is getting ready to go down (the perfect time to take pics). The feed corn is all around our area now (with its golden tips!) Nothing like a country road ~ in my book.

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