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Saturday, November 27, 2010

ready, set, go …..

What is so interesting about being in the blogging world (and I am only in it with one toe, so to speak), is that there is inspiration from all directions of life.  Intellectual, spiritual, artistic, marital/family ~  and the list goes on......  One of the things that I can never get over when I am visiting blogs is how so many young women, in this day and age, strive to raise a healthy family, be a loving wife, create a pride-filled lovely home and
actually use their personal God-given talents to create and share with other women. It is very comforting that the love of home and family is going strong in our younger generations!

The kitchen is the center of everyone’s home ~ especially during the holidays (mine is actually IN the center of the house (lol) …. therefore, my kitchen is in many of my posts.  We finally put the knobs on our cabinets (only took 3 years).  That is SO not like me ~ but I have found that I am not in such a RUSH in my life anymore.  I was NEVER like this PRE –age 45 !!  And as each year has passed …. well, less and less of a rush.  I guess that is the gift we get for making it this far ~  :)

DSC02906 We had a wonderful, comfortable, Thanksgiving Day.  Brandon & Megan brought us the sweetest “Basket Full Of Gifts” !! And they spent two nights at the house with us !!! We love it when they are here.


my daughter-in-law to be already knows her mother-in-law to be’s taste.  ;-))))
everything was perfect.
There’s our cute “engaged couple” making deviled eggs and peeling potatoes.
Brandon has become quite the deviled egg pro! We didn’t have paprika – so we used cayenne.  It’s a keeper.
We love HOT. 
Megan and I had so much fun talking about the upcoming wedding!!!  So many ideas and thoughts.  Thank goodness they gave the engagement a little over a year!!!  Their current decision is the photographer.  Venue (check).  Caterer (check).  Wedding Party (check).  Cake (check).  Colors (check).  Honeymoon destination (check).
(You can click “colors” and “venue” to visit those posts)

DSC02903We all know who was “under foot” while preparing the “BIRD” !!   Ms. Bella !!  She looks like a lady, but she acted like a hyper-active child!  It doesn’t matter how she acts,
CENTER OF ATTENTION ~ and she knows it! 

DSC02917Hubby and I got the most beautiful card.  We have come to expect it –  because our son always picks the most wonderful cards with heartfelt words.  ALWAYS.     I also wanted to share the front of this card because it reminded me of the most adorable paintings that  Becky at Farmgirl Paints creates.  You can send her a photo of your home and she will paint it for you.  This looks so much like her style.
 Please visit her here, if you don’t ALREADY know her.  She is known for her honesty of everyday life, hence her huge dedicated following!  And this girl has the “biggest” heart!

And now …. off to get the Christmas stuff out!  Ready, set, go!

 DSC02923 You know how there are Christmas decorations you will just never part with?
This Candy Cane is one of them.  It is distressed wood ~ and a real favorite! 

Happy decorating!! 

Have a beautiful week dear ones ~ Cheryl xo

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