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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Ms. Bella

DSC02096 What does she see? The “bad man” with the ball cap on and shovel in hand! At 12 weeks old, you forget you were just sleeping on that man’s chest.
Too Sweet!
Have a beautiful week ~ xo Cheryl

Friday, February 12, 2010

“S” stands for……

 SNOW !!!!

First of all, I wanted to thank all of my blogging peeps for your warm wishes for my return from my terrible funk. I’m telling you, rain and gray skies for weeks on end is the one thing that can obviously send me spiraling downward. I truly feel it is due to the lack of sunshine. Long cold days is one of the reasons I moved  from Michigan to California. I always said, Sunny Southern California is where I was meant to be. Endless sunshine!

This year’s Texas winter has been very unusual because there should be a break between the rain storms with a day or two of sunshine ….. but there was not. Now, instead of the “S” word I was waiting for …. “SUN” …..we got SNOW. But it did the trick! Each snow flake yesterday was like a little ray of sunshine falling from heaven !!
when i woke in the morning … it had been snowing for about 3 hours
(keep this tree in mind throughout this post)
Now, I know all you northerners and easterners are thinking, big deal - snow! Well, it is a big deal for us because ~ it doesn’t snow like this in Texas!
so, off to work I go……
this is no, pretend snow storm ….
I had to mail bills, and you can tell my spirits are back up ….. since I photographed the snowflake that fell on my pants when I opened the window!

Still driving to work ….and I am sure you will get a bit bored with my snow photos, but, this is also my journal so I am going to load them all. Plus we made a new snowfall record in north Texas ……
DSC01979My morning journey over the lake !
DSC01984 DSC01986
This is where I work at the nursing home. The grounds are pretty! The snow is still falling. Hours: 12. Not really sticking ~ but the flakes are huge.
DSC01989 DSC01994
DSC01990 DSC01997
time to go home……..
DSC02002 End of the day and I am back home on my street…..snow is finally sticking. Hours: 16
It is suppose to keep on snowing for another 6-9 hours !!!! Can’t wait for morning!
The tree is getting heavier with snow……
It’s midnight and our tree is looking a bit scary….. it is so heavy now….and still snowing! Hours: 22
and then……..
….. good morning Tree!
good morning snow!
Hello Mr. Hawk!
DSC02031 SNOW DAY!!!!
DSC02044 DSC02049 DSC02046
Baby, it’s cold outside!
As my son brilliantly pointed out to me, this is his mom's version of a snowman!
I think he knows me better than anyone!
Until next time! Have a beautiful week!

Monday, February 8, 2010

zero, zilch, nothing

causing sadness or gloom.
dull; boring.
sorrowful; sad.
I just wanted you all to know that I am still here, but I have nothing to give.
It has been cold, raining and dreary for so long now ~ that life is just ……. gray.
No color…………. what-so-ever.
I hate it.
If the sun ever comes out again, I will be back.
If it doesn’t,
goodbye. (sniffle, sniffle, sniffle)

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