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Saturday, September 18, 2010

purple & green

Wedding colors have been chosen and with much thought Megan decided on purple and lime green.  First, her favorite color is purple.  Second, she loves lime green and with the wedding being in the fall and at a winery as the venue – purple and lime green just made sense.

The wedding is a year away, so there is much time deciding what flowers and what shades of purple.
 purple_ceremony_9_m Of course, there is a budget, so the extravaganza of “limitless budgets” will have to be scaled down. But we are going to do our best to put together a wedding of “simple elegance”. 
 purple_flowers_811_10_m Brandon is drawn to vintage.  Vintage pinup girls, vintage cars, vintage photography.  With that in mind, I believe Megan will add a touch of vintage to her wedding.  Like this rhinestone broach. 
Bridesmaid’s dress color.
Little by little – decisions to make.
all photos borrowed from www.projectwedding.com
~ have a beautiful week ~ …. xo cheryl

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