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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


colin-brynn-lavender-harvest-vashon-washington-state-united-states-of-america-north-america steve-vidler-senaque-abbey-and-lavender-fields-gordes-provence-france neil-emmerson-lavender-knife-luberon-france
The color is magnificent. The fragrance, undeniable. Whenever I walk passed a lavender plant I can’t help but to gently rub my hands across it’s leaves. Then, hands cupped to face ~ slowly, deeply, inhale. The feeling is that of taking a small bite of rich milk chocolate, closing your eyes and savoring the taste in your mouth. An instant pick-me-up!
With Lavender in mind, I must give a shout out to fellow blogger Debi at Lavender Chick. If you don’t already know her, Deb owns a Lavender Farm in the Texas Hill Country. Her blog is delightful and she can be a hoot. Stop by and read her recent post on “her trip to Tuesday Morning to pick up juice glasses”.
Another shout out with Lavender in mind, must go to Laeriss at A Heart in Provence. Laeriss lives in Provence, France and her blog photographs are beyond beautiful. I can never get enough visits to ogle those photos. I love every single post she does, but a favorite is “Shades of Purple and Terra Cotta”.
Lavender sachets: wrap lavender in cheesecloth and throw in your dryer to freshen your clothes. You can also tuck one in your pillowcase to induce a restful sleep or add one to your lingerie drawer.
Lavender oil: dot behind ears or on wrists as a perfume.
I believe that Lavender can be used in any decorating color schemes. This beautiful plant can compliment any decor.
Lavender & yellows/gold Lavender & blues/aqua
renee-jardine-lavender-herb-collection r-graves-lavender-hugs
Lavender & pinks/peach Lavender & greens/olive
laurence-david-la-bell-provencale-i t-chiu-lavender
Lavender & reds
Bring a little lavender into your life! And if you want a giant smile when you walk into your kitchen, have a bowl of lemons next to a vase of lavender! Gorgeous!
Which brings me to my last shout out, with lavender & lemons in mind! This one goes to incredible cook and gardener, Jain at Once in a Blue Moon!
If you don’t already know Jain, please visit her blog, but be prepared to leave hungry and feel totally inadequate in preparing a meal. Some of my favorite eye candy posts of hers is when she includes photos of lemons and lavender!

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