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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the beginnings of Christmas decorating……

DSC01503 I don’t know about you, but when it is time to take out the decorations for Christmas, I get “stuck in my thoughts” about what I want to do. Of course, I would love to run out and get all "new" ~ just because I get tired of decorating with the same things each year ~ even though they bring such great memories! Over the years, I started with my Santa collection, and then moved to the Snowman collection and then to Dickens Village (it’s a girl thing, right?). So, I truly do have some great pieces to display. But my taste changes, as I am sure yours does too….. and new, beautiful styles come out in the stores each year. I love all different styles and color schemes for Christmas and that is what is so exciting about seeing everyone else’s holiday decor. I wanted to share the beginnings of my holiday decorating with you. Simplicity.


As with any seasonal change, I like to start with the kitchen island. It is the center of the house and my island is large enough to allow a good-sized grouping (vignette). This one started with a little wooden sleigh to get some height, and then I added a Santa candle holder, black wire basket, shabby crystal tea light holder, measuring spoons, bottle of wine, cookbook, kitchen towel and country living sign.

DSC01490I enjoy mixing my everyday items with my Christmas items. Then I don’t have to part with my favorite things that are out all year.

DSC01489 DSC01492 DSC01479

I just adore these pewter spoons that my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday one year. The next little vignette is with my red Southwest cookbook, a pair of wooden ski’s and a snowman. Simple, but festive!

DSC01486 DSC01497

I love anything that has glitter on it because of the way it catches the light. One of the reasons that I bought this little green tinsel tree last year is because you don’t need the lights on for the tree to sparkle in the daytime.

DSC01500 DSC01498

And if you have things in your home (bunny rabbit or white roses) that you don’t want to put away during the holidays, just add a bow, a wreath or pinecones!

Now, I need your help with something. Last year I saw a few decorating ideas for vintage ice skates, but for the life of me ~ I can’t remember what they were. I have this pair of skates (they are mine) that I have had since I was probably 10 or 12. If you have read my “about me”, you know I grew up in Michigan. I used these skates to skate on the local ponds that froze over as well as in my own backyard. My father, every year, turned our backyard into a skating rink. He would go out every 1/2 hour or so, day after day, and spray a light coat of water on the grass until we had a thick, slick, ice rink! A cherished memory.

I don’t want to damage the skates in anyway….just adorn them! Any suggestions or links to pictures would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to displaying them this year! Here is a picture.


I did a lot of stopping with those toe stops~


And a lot of falling ~ proof in the scuffs!


This is the inside flannel.

I appreciate all comments and ideas ~ have a beautiful holiday weekend !


Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween night

This was the first Halloween in over 30+ years that I did not stand at the front door handing out candy. When my boy was little, his daddy always took him house to house while I handed out the candy. I loved dressing up and frightening the children!
I love Halloween. As my family and friends know, it is probably my favorite holiday. It is one day a year you can dress up and be someone else besides yourself and just have fun! As a child I used to bring home two full pillowcases of candy, mom always made my costume and I just loved running around in the night getting scared by monsters behind the bushes!! I hated when there was no one home at a house handing out candy and I must confess, we didn’t let them get away with it (bars of soap & toilet paper were very popular growing up in the 60's & 70's).
I stayed true to my heart and never disappointed a child who dressed up for Halloween and walked the neighborhood looking forward to picking up their treats! And I stayed true to my mom’s efforts with my costumes, and always made my sons Halloween costumes.
I have so many fond memories of Halloween Parties hubby and I threw over the years :)
Of course, due to all the real life frightening things that happen in this world, children now go to parties, church events, malls, etc to do their “trick or treating” ! So, because of the lack of children coming to the house, hubby and I decided to go to dinner and take in a movie!
We went to see Law Abiding Citizen with Jamie Foxx. I thought it was great. Jumped out of my seat at least 4 times and the poor man sitting next to me must have thought I was a bundle of nerves. You see, as I have gotten older, I scare a lot easier than that little girl running around the dark streets at night looking for the scare!
Now, my sweet friend Becky from Farmgirl Paints (please stop by and give her a visit), asked that I share more pictures of myself in my blog. I have always photographed terribly, and as I age it is getting worse!!! UGH!! But here it goes. I tweaked the colors of the last 3 sunsets for fun! After dinner (Mexican, of course), hubby and I went down to the harbor to the theatre. The sunset over the water was fabulous!

DSC01339 DSC01340
DSC01341 halloween sunset
Have a beautiful week! ~Cheryl

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