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Saturday, February 7, 2009

the fix......

These are "not so pretty" pictures (like I usually like to post) but I want to show you the process of fixing this mirror that I bought last weekend in Canton. If you read my Canton post, you know that I bought three of these mirrors, all the same. This one was for $12 dollars, but it had a piece missing. So with that said, you can turn up my music and maybe it will be more pleasing while following this post.
~remember, you can click on pictures to enlarge...usually :) ~

I decided to go to Michael's and purchase some clay to make a mold for the intricate pattern.

This is the one I chose. I have never worked with oven bake clay, but it looked like it would do the trick! I divided Sculpey in half. Half for the mold, and half for the "piece" I was going to create.

First I warmed the clay in my hands to make it malleable. Then I put it over part of the pattern of the frame and pressed down to create a mold.

A mold was created about the size of the missing piece. No "exacts" here. Since it is oven bake clay, it had to go into the oven at 275 degrees for fifteen minutes. This allowed it to harden.

Once out of the oven and hardened, the mold looked like this! Not bad!

Next, I used the other half of the clay and put it in the area of the missing piece. After fitting it in that space, I started trimming it off the top and sides to get it - to what seemed like the right size for the final piece (length, height, contouring). I just eyed it. Again, no exacts.

Ok. That looked pretty good. It fit in there good. The height matched the height of the rest of the frame. I contoured the sides down to "sort of" match the rest. No exacts here either. Then I gently pulled the piece out. This piece goes into the hardened "mold" that I created.

I layed the new, soft, piece into the hardened mold.

Like this. Then I pressed it gently into the mold in order to fit all the "hills and valleys" of the pattern. I just kept pressing gently until I felt it was all in there - real good.

Then I had to gently pull it out of the mold and try to keep it's shape. From pressing it in and pulling it out, it became a little thinner and a little longer. That was ok. Remember, no exacts in this project!

All I did was cut off the extra. Like trimming the dough of pie crust when you put the rolled crust into the pie pan! I'm not a baker, but I have made a few pies in my life and watched mom make MANY, MANY pies
(in case you wanted to know how I knew about this trimming process)!

After the clay was trimmed and was fitting "fine" in it's space, I got out my handy dandy wooden orange stick. This was the "crafting" time. The artist coming out! I just started moving it around, creating some of my own little dents and lines. Remember, no exacts, just artistry at it's best. Fun!

And, here is what I got! What do you think?

I thought it was good enough, especially since this mirror is getting painted white for my bedroom!

This piece needed to go into the oven too. Same as the first piece. But when I took it out and went to fit it in the space - it seemed a little swelled and it was rubbery. So I quickly pushed it into it's place on the mirror, before it started to cool and harden. Not anticipating this, I then quickly ran to my "girly" toolbox to grab something heavy to put on top of it - and hold it in place while it cooled.

Ok, I am embarrassed. This is my tool area in the corner of my pantry.

But everything I ever need is right at my fingertips in this corner. My toolbox has been with me from the very beginning of my Cottage Charm/Shabby Chic days (see my first two posts). Oh, speaking of Shabby Chic, did you hear about dear Rachel Ashwell? She had to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. What the heck is going on here. All our magazines out of publication, and now Rachel. Dang, this is really scaring me, it is all so sad - but things will have to get better in the times ahead, it will just take time .......................Well, back to the toolbox, I bought it at a garage sale back in the 90's. It was either a man's tool box or fishing box, I can't remember. But it got a coat of shabby pink paint and some hand painted rosettes. I've never changed it. I love this toolbox! I have so many memories of so many creations! Anyway, I am taking way too long to tell you about my toolbox when I have to get to the hammer that went on top of my "cooling" piece!

Like this!

Once it cooled, it fit perfectly in place and now all it needed was a little "Liquid Nails" to glue it in for life!!!

And here you have it. A fixed mirror frame! All it needs now is some white paint and then it will get hung on the wall above the sweetest little desk that I can't wait to show you! It won't be long. So don't forget to check back! I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. I was learning as I was teaching, but it was fun and I am very happy with the results!
Thank you for visiting ~ Cheryl

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