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Friday, November 14, 2008

Caught me by surprise!

We had a day of rain the other day which kept me from my daily morning walk ( I'm not that dedicated). I followed through yesterday though, on a foggy, groggy morning. After our walk, (I walk with my "neighborbuddy" Danielle) we got hung up discussing the "cracks" in our driveways. We ended up venting to one another (as girlfriends do) because both our builders have told us the same story "all concrete cracks" (UGH!!)
As Danielle and I were displaying this negative energy (shame on us, nothing is going to come of it) I turned toward my home realizing the fog had lifted. The morning sun was peaking through a left-over haze and glistening on the dew drops that were "tippy-top" the millions of blades of grass! What a sight to be seen!! As I walked up my walkway to the porch,  my holly bushes caught my eye. RED BERRIES !!!!  Then I turned to glance over the rest of my bushes and to my amazement my camellia is blooming! What a morning this is becoming. I didn't even know that camellia's bloom in the winter. I'll have red berries and pink camellias for Christmas. What more can a girl ask for?
So, imagine that, right near that "darn" cracked driveway, nature's beauty was taking place and "caught me by surprise"!

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