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Thursday, September 9, 2010

the venue ……

Well, here it is! They chose the winery & vineyard!

The winery was our last stop. It really had the best of all three venues we looked at (rustic Cotton Mill and far away Farmhouse). At the winery we still get our brick walls and high beamed ceilings like the Cotton Mill. Stained concrete flooring photographs well. Rustic wooden doors, hand painted murals and the casual feel of the wine barrels just made this a terrific choice for what Brandon & Megan had in mind. It is spotless, has a wine bar and the lighting is very romantic ~ and the grounds = vineyard!

But what made the decision easiest of all, is when we were up in the bridal suite (above) and then walked out onto the landing and the woman who was giving the tour said, “Megan, you will walk out and stand here for about 3 seconds with everyone below looking up and then you will walk down the staircase to meet your dad at the bottom” – well, the tears started to flow from both Megan and me ~ that was it!!!!!! Like a fairytale!!!

No question this was the place.

Stay tuned for the wedding color scheme. xo Cheryl

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