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Saturday, July 10, 2010

quietly waiting …….

This morning I looked out my window and got my fill. My fill of the beauty of flowers, clouds, raindrops, trees and lichen – all on my very own land !!
This is what makes me run for the camera and share with you – the beauty that quietly surrounds us – patiently waiting for us all to notice.

Dearest Mother Nature, I notice. I always notice.


My guess is that, because the weather has been cooler (cooler for Texas, that is) and clouds have been moving in and out, that this is why we have so much lichen growing! Gorgeous.

DSC02359Fresh rain water

DSC02364I have to mention that the above photo is of a standard-sized head and foot board that I picked up on the coast of California at a garage sale one year – I have always left it in the garden. Just look at the colors the elements of California and Texas have given it. You couldn’t imagine a more perfect patina ! (you may want to visit my rust and aqua post of November 08) for more patina!!

DSC02373 perfect little petal


After viewing the above photo’s you may see why I decorate my home in the colors that I do. The colors in nature-  flowers, bark, grasses, leaves, iron patinas, stone, etc - these are my decorating inspiration. Below is the latest wall art that I purchased. A flower market – on, what looks like, a street in Italy.  DSC02321
Happy Weekend to you all !

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