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Saturday, December 26, 2009

the day after, the day

Christmas 2009 006A Texas home - Christmas Eve

I wanted to share the December 26th post from Curious Girl with you. Beautifully said.

Here is a snipit.


“call it whatever you wish...afterglow, drydown, linger...the purpose of the hazy time following grand moments of significance is to integrate back to normal with minimal re-entry damage.

“over time and out of necessity, I've learned that the transition is more easily accomplished when the big moment itself is tempered with reality. this is how the last few christmases have been for me. because they are not over the top full-on festivity, it becomes clearer that regular everyday life can be filled with the magic, dreaminess, togetherness, beauty and loving spirit of the holidays. like eating tuesday night tacos off the good china, everyday life becomes fuller with these moments once reserved for specific dates on the calendar. in return the actual big events become less pressured, more sweetly sedate. as celebration becomes a gentle routine practice of beauty and acknowledgement, regular life sweetly shifts from a boring midline spiked with dramatic events to an even and comfortable serendipitous journey.”

author, Lisa


I am sure that most of you can relate to the feeling of the “day after”. Lisa’s post struck me so much, that it sparked some things I wanted to say today.

I consider myself someone who looks at the glass half full. Don’t get me wrong, (it sometimes depends on what is in the glass), but for the most part ~ I am a girl who really does see and appreciate the beauty around me each day. I rarely get blue. I guess that is why I am someone who welcomes change ~ and even seeks change. Thank goodness I married a man who goes along with me and my new and sometimes “hair-brained” ideas. Not to say that I don’t get scared of change. I do. But I would rather try and/or learn something new than not try at all. I still say….

“ I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up”

So with all that said, I want to share something that happened on Christmas Eve that touched my heart and made me smile. Me, hubby, my son and his girl were out to dinner eating our fave, Mexican food!! We ordered the exact same thing, fajitas for two, half and half (chicken & beef). At the end of our meal we were saying how good it was and Ms. Megan said “I think these are the best fajitas I have ever had”. That was when my heart smiled. That was the moment I knew why my son had fallen in love with this girl.

You see, that is MY saying. It always has been. It is how I live my life. Not intentionally. I just do. Until that moment, I had never met anyone who had said that before and meant it the way that I mean it. And those who really know me, who really love me and who have really paid attention to ME, know that about me. If you read about the sunsets on my side bar, you will see. “Every sunset I see is the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen”. I have gotten teased about this as far back as I can remember. But it is how I feel at that moment.

It probably wasn’t the BEST fajitas Megan has EVER had. It is not the MOST beautiful sunset I have EVER seen. But that is what living in the moment IS. That was why my heart smiled. My son met a girl that lives in the moment and really enjoys THAT moment. Sigh. :)

This is what I believe Curious Girl was saying: everyday life can be magical like “eating tuesday night tacos off the good china” !

Have a beautiful day!


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