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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Decor Part 2

Since my last post, I have added to my “simplicity” Christmas decor.

Please come in for a tour. DSC01526

I look forward to coming home at the end of the day and plugging in the Christmas lights and lighting the candles. They both add that special glow to these cold winter nights! …. and the scent of the holiday candles warm the soul (pumpkin, sugar cookie, apple & cinnamon ~ yum!)DSC01656 I found a cute little Santa towel and Christmas cookbook that I added to the vignette.

I also decided to add a couple of my “restaurant” Dickens Village houses to the mantle above the cook top and sat them in a cushion of “snow”.


The two restaurants are Wong’s Chinese and Italian Ristorante!

DSC01530What I love about the Italian restaurant is the little side yard with the swing gate. Wouldn’t you love to sit there with a glass of Merlot?



At Wong’s, I picture myself living in the third story apartment. I have always had a fantasy of living above a restaurant in a big city! Always. DSC01538

The fireplace mantle


First on the tour, are the Fire House, firemen and Spot! All knee deep in snow.

Ready for any emergency that may arise!




Fresh roasted chestnuts, anyone?


Auditions being held tonight!


This little lad is lighting the way to the Inn.

Come out of the cold.

The Innkeeper will get your bags for you!!


Another little touch that I added were these ribbons to the shades on the chandelier. It looks so lovely at night with the light on. So much so, that I am thinking of getting red shades!!


I want to thank all of you that gave your suggestions for decorating “my” vintage ice skates (from my last post). I appreciated all of your great ideas!! DSC01504I decided to go with the red ribbon for the laces and add a pair of white & red fuzzy socks. Aren’t they just adorable??? LOVE THEM. I don’t know what took me so long to think of using them as my winter decor. But I just love them. I have so many wonderful memories involving my skates and now I can look at them throughout the cold months.

DSC01637I am going to leave them propped on this bookstand sitting in one of the cubbies of our entertainment center right above the TV. I want to look at them ALL the time!!! Therefore, they will not be going on my front door ~ which some of you suggested. It was a great suggestion, but I want to be selfish and have them where I can see them!!


I thought I would also share the dining room. Simplicity at it’s best! A Christmas wall hanging and a sparkling tabletop tree. That’s it. Just a touch of Christmas.





And lastly, we got lucky because our neighbors across the street decorated like this ! The picture does not do it justice….but it is soooo pretty to look at! I zoomed in so you could get a better look!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoyed the little Christmas tour. Please take good care of yourself during this season of hustle and bustle!

Enjoy the day.

Don’t wear yourself out.

Give yourself a special treat each day!!

suggestions: a hot bath, a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, buy a new lotion, sit in front of the fire, listen to Christmas music, buy a new warm scarf

~you get the idea~

be good to yourself

Have a beautiful week ~ Cheryl

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