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Sunday, July 5, 2009

crepe myrtle and baby birds !

i wish i had more to share with you this week, like some awesome recipe or a decorating tip …… but it is all about work right now and trying to keep our heads above water …… but even with that, i do stop to smell the flowers … so here is a picture of our crepe myrtle that is on it’s second season. they are all over north texas now ~ and oh~so pretty … but i have to admit that i think the red bud trees are still my fave in early spring ! the wonderful thing about crepe myrtles is that they bloom a long time !

crepe myrtle & baby birds 006

crepe myrtle & baby birds 007

and by the way …. remember in a previous post i showed you our baby birds in a nest in the asparagus fern out back ? …….. and unfortunately the snake got them and mama …. well ….. we have more babies out on the front porch now …. and they have made it longer …. I pray that these little ones make it !!

here’s a quick peek ……

crepe myrtle & baby birds 010

not sure how they fit in that itty bitty nest, but they are cute as can be !

have a lovely week!


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