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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

please don’t hate me ….

to my friends in California who will read this and i did not get to see ~ forgive me.

i had a quick two- day jaunt to Venice Beach, California to meet up with my baby brother for some one-on-one time. he had work there and so i flew in to see him. it was precious time that we have never had together and a memory we will have forever!! just him and me!!!

i never liked going to Venice Beach when i lived in Southern California ~ a bit too, how can i put it….. bazaar.

though~ when spending time there, day and night for two days, i got a chance to meet and witness the local poor, homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill, vendors, shop owners, artists, and musicians. it gave me much to think about. we are all people from different backgrounds and circumstances. we should have no judgment ~ rather~ compassion for all.

if you haven’t seen “the soloist” yet (listed in a previous post). please do. this is reality on so many metropolitan streets.

so with all that said, this wasn’t the Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, Ventura Beach, California Vacation … it was the opposite …. but i shared it with my brother and i wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. i love you Andy!!

and the award goes to……….

venice beach 035

best duet

venice beach 012

best costume

venice beach 021

best mural

venice beach 033

best graffiti

venice beach 026 venice beach 024

venice beach 025

as my brother puts it, nothing is commercialized in Venice. everything is still run by mom and pop owners. this was home while i was there.

venice beach 013

there he is ….. my brother!

it’s L.A., would you expect anything other than valet bike parking!

venice beach 034

here i am. i never share a photo of myself on my blog, but i couldn’t resist sharing this mess

i had been on a beach cruiser biking up and down the boardwalk and to Santa Monica for brunch ~ can’t go anywhere without my reading glasses ~ i was cold in the fog and ocean air now that i have Texas blood running through my veins ~ wind blowing hair in my face ~one sleeve longer than the other. a real beauty.

venice beach 016

Santa Monica

venice beach 008

Hidden Valley – known by the white fencing

venice beach 003

Kanan Road – Vineyards

venice beach 007

need help here … any Californians, what is the name of this lake off of Cornell and Kanan?

venice beach 027

a familiar site, and much missed.

i love you California.


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