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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my secret is out……………

mary puddin 003

When I woke this morning, after getting my coffee and fixing hubby’s “recouping” area ~ fluffing pillows, refolding blankets, spritzing Fabreze, retrieving fresh water and his morning pills ….. I glanced out the kitchen window…. and here is what I saw ~ eating their morning breakfast! We call the “paint” horse – cow horse. This is a family of horses that always stick together. “Cow horse” is the only one that strays a little, the rebel if you will…even though this is about as far as he goes. He’s the teen of the family!

mary puddin 006

A true beauty! I just love starting my mornings off like this!

Today was my day to make my monthly drive to the electric company to drop off our payment. Why not just mail the payment or pay by phone you ask……..

Well … in Texas your electric bill has no grace period of being late. By time I get the bill in the mail, there are not enough days left for me to send it in the mail and be sure it will get there in time. Pay by phone is by credit card only – which is totally out of the question. So I drive 30 miles to drop it off. 30 miles one-way that is. Hubby didn’t know I did this until recently. Since I take care of the finances, I had to explain to him why I had to make this very important drive.

mary puddin 010

Now, normally hubby isn’t home when I make this monthly, dreaded, trek … so he was unaware of what I was up to …….

until today.

mary puddin 009

Two miles before my destination, I stop here. Mary of Puddin Hill. Greenville, Texas! Est 1839. 1839, do you know how long ago that was ????

mary puddin 007 Mary of Puddin Hill is known for their Chocolates and Fruitcakes. I happen to be the 1 (ONE) person in the world who LOVES fruitcake! I know all the jokes! I’m Polish and I love fruitcake! I know ALL the jokes!!!

Pecan Pie


There are also: pies, cookies, peanut brittle, cookbooks and …….

jim shore3

Lots of Jim Shore Collectibles!

jim shore4

And Yankee candles! Did you know Yankee had a new line of candles? Soy!

Yankee Candle

So, since hubby is healing from his surgery, and I left him alone for a while today, I decided he needed a little treat. I got him a new coffee mug and espresso bean candies. My secret was out!

When I got home and showed him the pictures of Mary’s, the catalog they insisted I take, and his “prize”…. (he’s pretty quick, even on Percocet and sleeping pills), “oh, now I get it,” he said, “ you look forward to the drive to Greenville, Texas once a month!”

“Just a little”, I admitted.

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