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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Table Numbers - DIY

DIY Table Numbers
These are the table numbers that I made for the wedding tables.  Since Brandon and Megan’s wedding was at a Vineyard and Winery, colors were purple and green and pastas were being served …. I chose pictures out of my last year's Tuscany calendar.
Calendars are great places to find “themed” pictures for minimal cost.  Most calendars are about $13. I just happened to use one I had.
Cut pictures to fit frame size.
I picked up these frames at the dollar store.  16 frames for $16 dollars! BARGAIN !!!!
I headed to Michaels to pick up some numbers or letters. I decided to use lettered tables to switch it up a bit.
With large dinner receptions, many brides and grooms choose to name their tables to help their guests.  While most couples choose to use numbers to name their tables, (its easy), you may want to do something different to show your individuality.  The table names you choose can be anything that you like. If you love your job, choose names much like your occupation, something that relates to your wedding reception, something exciting about your honeymoon, or even just things both you and your fiance love!
A box of glittered stick-on letters was about $6.
Rhinestones were also in the theme of the wedding so I bought a couple of packages of crystals to glue on the corners of the frames.  I needed two packages of crystals which ran me about $10.  I like the Swarovski Elements.

It just happened that the corners of the frames that I purchased had these little circles within the “scrolled” corners that the crystals fit in perfectly. 
Finished product: Sixteen 5x7 frames with picture, letters and crystals. My Total Cost: approx $35

Table G ~

ps.  speaking of rhinestones, you can purchase rhinestones by the yard on ebay (here is the link).  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rhinestone-Cake-Banding-Ribbon-Trim-Wedding-Decoration-/330713151672?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d000a38b8
I needed to purchase 8 yards for the tiers of the wedding cake at $8 per yard.  These rhinestones were gorgeous!!!  There was no way to capture the actual glitter and shine in a photo….

BEST CRYSTAL CAKE TOPPERS ARE BY “TOPPERS WITH GLITZ”.  VISIT THEIR WEBSITE below.  They have been featured in The Knot, Weddings, Brides, and Modern Bride as well as on NBC and “E”.   http://www.topperswithglitz.com/monogram-cake-topper-pictures.pl
THEY ARE PRICEY…..BUT AGAIN, THE PICTURE DID NOT CAPTURE THE TRUE SHINE AND GLITTER OF THESE SWARVORSKI ELEMENTS CRYSTALS. By saving on the DIY projects you can spend more money in other areas like the cake topper!

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