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Sunday, September 6, 2009

it’s all around the corner!!!!!

Autumn Mosaic
These are the things I love about this time of year:
Gorgeous Golden Sunflowers – other than pink roses, sunflowers might be my favorite flower~
Pumpkins and Gourds – It takes me forever to pick out our pumpkins…searching for just the right ones. The right ones are never the same from year to year…..just like the Christmas tree!
Sweet Caramel Apples – These were a childhood fave, along with salt water taffy. My silver fillings, root canals, and crowns are proof! I adore caramel. I was always happy to get the little wrapped caramel squares in my Halloween bag.
Scrumptious Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream – The BEST. I have to admit, Costco has one of the best pumpkin pies. It is the perfect firmness, spiciness and it is HUGE!!!
Change of Leaves - I always say, we can’t beat God’s colors.
State Fair - Texas holds their State Fair from September – October. They come out with a new deep fried food every year. This year it is “deep fried butter”. What the heck????? I don’t know what to think about that, other than they better have plenty of ambulances available. Heart attack on a stick!
Country Wagons & Red Barns – Actually, I love country wagons and red barns all year round!!!
Hot Apple Cider & Cinnamon Sticks - This is also a great beverage while putting up Christmas lights – with a shot of Brandy ~ of course :)
Cider Mills – I was such a lucky girl growing up in the North. Us kids would walk to the cider mill to get hot cider and fresh baked cinnamon doughnuts each fall. It was a 14 mile round trip walk. Imagine 5 or 6 kids (boys and girls) walking a country road to the cider mill and back. It would take us all day since we would goof around the whole way there and back. These were the good old days when our parents didn’t have to worry about us and we could be kids and experience the world around us – on our own. A blessing to be a pre-teen in the early 70’s!! I guess that is why I relate to the movie “Stand by Me” ~ except we weren't looking for a dead body. EEK!
Happy September!! Enjoy all that the season has to offer ~ Cheryl

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