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Friday, February 20, 2009

Texas morning ~ California afternoon

Good Morning Sunshine!
Looking out my front door!
Walking in the early "morning" wakens me to it's beauty!
School Bus & Children & Country, Oh my!
My California Shabby Chic Bench now lives in Texas!

In Southern California the fog usually doesn't burn off until about 11am
In Texas it burns off by 8am

Ornamental Kale or Cabbage Flower! North Texas winter flower!
Cabbage Flower looks really pretty growing along- side Pansies. They both can take 30 degree temps and frost! Amazing!
Looking out my back window!
Waiting for the afternoon sun
Waiting for the Sunset

Oh Yes!
Sharing my love for California past - Looking at my front door

Where roses grow all year long!
This is where "Shabby Chic Bench" used to live!
Back View of the Mountains!
I love to see pictures of where people live. This is such a beautiful country and every state has it's own charm. I have been blessed to experience life in three different states in my lifetime. 

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