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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday "Date" Day! ~ Highland Park

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Sunday is mine and hubby's date day! Hubby works very hard 6 days a week, so when Sunday comes along we love to go into the city (Dallas) together. Today we had the most wonderful brunch at Bread Winner's Bakery Bistro. Let me just say....... "egg custard quiche filled with cheese, onion, and ham chunks all baked on top of a potato crust and topped with Hollandaise sauce and a mound of french fried onion rings. And if that isn't enough to clog the arteries, homemade pumpkin spice and lemon almond breads! OMG! Be assured, I had the other half for dinner :)

But I must tell you about the STRAWBERRY that came with our brunch! Now, you have to remember, we are from California now living in Texas. Since 2005 we have been yearning for a "real" piece of fruit. As much as we love living in Texas and the Dallas area - our experience with the produce here is horrible. The meat is HEAVEN.... but we need our fruit too!

Lucky us, today was the day! A California Strawberry on our Texas plate! As soon as hubby and I reluctantly bit into our strawberry.....we knew it~ A #2 California Strawberry! We told the waitress our story about being from CA and living for 3 years without any real fruit and does she know where these strawberries are from ...and ....and ........... Needless to say, she didn't seem to darn interested in our "lacking for fruit story". But ...... as all Texans are - HOSPITABLE TO A FAULT- she shows up with 3 more strawberries and says the chef gets them from California - and she even told us the grower..... but it went in one ear and out the other..... all we needed was the affirmation that they were, indeed, - our beloved California Strawberries!

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Then we went antique mall hopping! No, I didn't forget the "s". No shopping, just hopping! French Antiques everywhere!!! But the cost .....yikes! So we looked, and touched, and pondered - and when all was said and done - I got some great ideas for the "inspiration" dining room that I posted about earlier.

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Next stop, every girl's favorite....... Anthropologie! Love the hardware area, so I had to grab these..........
and then......

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Can you guess where these pretties come from? Williams Sonoma! Sweet as can be.

This was a great Sunday Date Day!

I invite you all to Dallas. This place is a love fest of eating and shopping!

Until next time ~Cheryl~

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