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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

soft blue craze!

Tastes change. I have never been a fan of the color blue (just me), until I came across "soft, muted, robin's egg blue". Now, if you are anything like me, when you get a color in your mind, whether for decorating or buying clothes, the only thing you see - is that color. It is like when you are pregnant, you see pregnant women everywhere. And when you have the baby, all you see are infants, or when you buy a new car ........ you get my drift ...... it is funny how our minds work. Well, I am in soft blue mode. And the reason for this is ............

My "inspiration room" for my dining room makeover! I have had this magazine page cut-out for many, many months. As I mentioned in previous posts, my dining room set is french country pine which we have had since 1984. It has been calling to be painted for years now. With all the painting of furniture I did for my CottageCharm business.....do you think I would have painted my own dining table? You all know how that old story goes.

Here are my current silk dupioni drapery panels. They are a cross between a "soft robin's egg blue and an ice blue".
I am creating a new color. "Iced Robin's Egg Blue" ! I would like to add fringe and attached valance to the top of the panel, like the "inspiration room".

All the walls in my home are the same color. They are a lovely soft gold called "tropical straw". None of the walls have been faux finished because I am not sure I want to darken any of them yet. While building the house we wanted to make it very simple for the painters. I made sure this color went with everything I owned. I put the paint strip behind every piece of wood furniture, every fabric, every accessory and so on ...... it blended with everything. That is how I choose my paint colors. Because of the flannel lining in these drapes there is a hue of gold behind the blue...especially when the light shines in. The color is so soft. They are perfect!

This is the current "sage" cotton damask fabric on the dining chairs.

And here is the new muted, "iced robin's egg blue" chenille damask I found this weekend! I told my hubby, it is soooooo soft it is just like "butter"......he didn't get it. lol The paint strips shown are sage/grey in color. One of those will be my choice for the paint for the table and chairs. I wanted to stay away from painting the table white......partly, because I have painted so much white in my days ...and secondly, I want it a bit softer, and a bit more muted. Of course, it will get a slight antiquing done - to tone it down even more. I got this color idea from a vendor at Canton Flea Market. Her furniture was stunning!

A closeup of the fabric. The color is so gorgeous & yummy! I am in love. I have always been a HUGE fan of chenille damask fabrics.

I wanted to share this with you who love to decorate. Off to make my purchases. It will be a while before I will complete this room. We will also need to find the chandelier, accessorize the walls etc .....but this fabric and paint have got me motivated!

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